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Wecare Setting for X20 GPS watch tracker

1. Please download "wecare" app from play store or iphone app store.

2. Register new wecare account and bind with the watch.





v) After registered, you need to bind with the watch

(this is Android interface)

IMEI number can be found in the box together with the watch, or will be displayed on the screen

e.g: IMEI number (15 digits), starting with 3535xxxxxxxxxxx

(this is iPhone interface)


3. Functions and setting

Add family number: make sure you leave blank for the short number, as Malaysia don't have short number.

Add second watch


Please bear in mind:

All gps watch will auto switch between LBS, WIFI, GPS depends on the situation below:

(not accurate) LBS (telco station) - when in the building with no wifi availble (wifi available for Y3 model only). Q50 will always connect to LBS in the building - Accuracy 100 meter - 3km

(more accurate than LBS) WIFI - more than 2 wifi available around the watch (for Y3 model only) - Accuracy 10 meter - 500 meter depends server location

(most accurate) GPS - only available under clear view of sky and outside the building / in single storey house. - Accuracy 5 - 20 meter


You can always click the "locate" button to refresh the map or check the watch current location.

 - This is "locate" icon, you can always find it in the map.


Q & A:

1. The watch display 12 hours or 24 hours time format?
- All the GPS tracker watches come with 24 hours time format by default.
- Our watches are customized to 12 hours time format, as we have very strong support team (thanks to our software engineer and programmer)

2. What is the language display in the watch?
- It is English by default, and support Chinese characters (watch can read Chinese characters).

3. What is the watch battery lasting hours ?
- Normal usage 1-2 days.

4. Can iPhone and Android phone support the app for watch ?
- Yes, all smart phones are supported. Download WeCare app from APP store.

5. The watch have features on we-chat or not ?
- It is intercom or MicroChat, which can send voice and text message to the watch from the app, and the watch can send voice message to the app.

6. Regarding voice message and text message, is it only for watch to watch or phone to watch  ?
- It's phone to watch (voice and text), and watch to phone (voice only, as no keyboard for typing).

7. The watch have spy monitoring call? Which can secretly dial to listen the child's surrounding without disturbing them?
- Yes, all our GPS watches can monitoring call without disturbing child.

8. The watch have features on receive notification when watch is taken off or low battery?
- Yes. (note: some phones may not supported. This not the apps push problem, it is phones problem which cannot push the notification from the apps to phone) e.g. if you can see the voice message coming when you open the apps, that mean push service no problem for the apps.

9. The watch ringtone and call volume can be adjusted?

- No, ringtone and call volume cannot be adjusted. You can set at the watch to ring only, ring and vibrate, vibrate only.

10. How many phones can login at the same time?
- Unlimited. But the first account (Admin) that bind with the watch have to add other number in the family contact in WeCare app.
After that, the new family number have to create new account using his/her own phone number in WeCare app, then he/she will automatically see the watch in their account after login.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-02 [800x600].jpg

11. What should I do if I want to change sim card of the watch?
- You need to login to admin account (the account which bind with the watch), then unbind the watch (in the app, click My Baby - Unbind),
after that, change new sim card and re-bind with the watch.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-46 [800x600].jpg

12. We have two phones, can we have different identity in the chat room (intercom)?
- Yes, this is the best features on WeCare app. Each number/account has its' own identity in the chat room.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-36-00 [800x600].jpg


13. When I try to call from watch,error message "unfinished".

- Please check your phone number in family contact, and remove the short number.

- What is short number? Short number is family extension number, Malaysia don't have short number.

14. how to delete chat history in the app?
- you need to go to the phone settings - app management, find wecare and clear data.

15. how to delete chat history in the watch?
- the message stored in the RAM, so restart the watch will clear the history.

16. what is class time?

- you can set class time (select able from Monday to Sunday), the watch will reject all calls and delay all voice

chat and delivered once class time is ended or disabled.

- When class time is active, the watch cannot be operated (cannot open menu and make call and send voice chat and so on), and only the time and date is displayed.

17. Why incoming call no ringtone on the watch??

- Please set the class time, and don't use the watch at the meantime, and try call again after the class time end.

# Don't manually turn off the class time, it won't work.

e.g: set class time start 9:00, end 10:00. (don't use the watch from 9:00-10:00), and then call the watch after 10:01, the ringtone should be activated.

18. How many phone numbers can be added to the watch?

- Max. 20 phone numbers


21. Why I don't receive notification when the watch is out of the safezone?

- After you set the safezone, you need to turn on the caring time to receive the notification if the watch is out of safezone. Please kindly set the Frequency to 10 minutes or 30 minutes to save the battery, otherwise the battery will drain very fast.

Positioning Info:

WIFI positioning priority, if there will be WIFI, GPS will not open.

You enter the test mode, normally GPS will be connected in 50 seconds

Test mode: Do not plug the sim card (or do not bind the watch) press the button 3 times, enter the GPS test.



Why set to WIFI as priority? It is to save the battery. GPS and color screen consume a lot of battery.