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Wecare X20 Touch Screen kid watch tracker WIFI GPS LBS Positioning

RM 145.00

I have created a page for setting wecare APP for X20 watch, please take your time to read it.

It's very easy to setting the APP. 


Please remember when sign up or bind the watch, do not input 0 in front of your phone number. E.g your phone number is 0123334455, you must input 123334455. It is because you have selected Malaysia country which the code comes with +60.

+60 (Malaysia) - System auto

0123334455 (incorrect / salah) - result +600123334455 (got  double zero, watch cannot call this number)

123334455 (correct / betul) - result +60123334455 (no problem)


Please do not use nano sim card + adapter in this watch, it will damage the sim card slot if you are unlucky.

2 (1).jpg

Plase use micro size sim card.

If you have no choice and get the nano sim card + adapter from Telco, when inserting or removing the sim card from the watch, it's advise that you do it very very slowly and gently. No warranty for sim card slot damaged. Change sim card slot will be charged RM50.


X20 1.22inch User Manual


This is watch interface, the theme (background) is changeable.

x20 new font watermark.jpg





WIFI positioning:

- X20 doesn't need to connect to any WIFI, it will just scan wifi mac address around it to locate the watch, even the wifi with password protection like WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc...

2017 Hot Selling New Arrival Kid GPS Watch Tracker X20

We guarantee this is the best GPS watch tracker in Malaysia

Premium Build Quality!!!


Smooth Capacitive Touch Screen, Color Screen!!!


X20 has vibration (other models like Q50, Q60, Q90, Y3 has no vibration)


Support all Malaysia SIM Card - both prepaid and postpaid (Micro SIM)

 Our watch is customized with 12 hours format (AM,PM), only us in Malaysia (skhong/tabtab)

All other seller selling 24 hours format. Your kids cannot understand 13:00, 18:00, 21:00, etc..




~ Please remove any SIM PIN before insert your SIM card. (fyi, Maxis has SIM PIN)

~ SIM card must have data plan (It use less than 30MB/month, but you can use any data plan like 1GB, 3GB or 5GB)

~ Charging time max. 3 hours, don't charge overnight as battery capacity is small 400mAh.


Register Wecare APP: You can control the watch using the app









Special function: 

Sim card slot at the side - more simple 

knock your screen to switch the display - fashionable, smart  

Front-facing answering key - more convenient 


The main function:

  • full touch operation more simple, smooth;
  • 2.5D curvature of the touch screen, rounded and smooth;
  • original creation of double-click the main menu, slide shortcuts
  • station GPS, APS, WIFI, BLOX professional level targeting;
  • fully touch screen two-way conversation;
  • a key emergency alarm and reported position;
  • automatic alarm watch after take off
  • fast family micro chat, can be voice and text;
  • disabled in class, concentrate on listening without playing rope;
  • you can edit the name of the remote alarm clock;
  • care period + electronic fence - automatic baby care
  • walking track cloud storage, check back anytime
  • pedometer, the network automatically sync time and date;
  • USB charging, easy and convenient.


Features and functions:


Product name:  wecare X20 gps watch tracker


  1. Precise gps tracking -- using WIFI, GPS, AGPS and LBS triangulation, personal gps tracker  tracks location by analyzing data provided from various sources.

  2. GEO-fence -- personal gps tracker  easily configure important locations like home, school or after school activity center, receive notifications and alerts when  your child enters or exits these locations.

  3. Remote monitor -- When the present monitor number calls in, personal gps tracker will automatically enter one-way answering mode, allowing Guardian to understand the children's surroundings.

  4. Emergency SOS -- In the event of emergency, your child can long press the power button to initiate the emergency mode, which triggers message sent to Guardian(s).

  5. Take-off alarm -- Equipped with optical sensor, the mobile terminal will be alerted as soon as personal gps tracker   is removed from wrist.

  6. Phone call -- Simple two-way phone call between a child and their guardian(s) voice message.

  7. Voice message -- Send and receive voice messages from the watch.

  8. Sleep monitor (this function has disabled) -- personal gps tracker   can detect sleep quality and intelligently judge sleep status.


Differentiate between LBS base station positioning and GPS positioning:

1. The positioning accuracy of GPS system can reach 10 to 20 meters,
2. mobile phone base station positioning accuracy of 100 to 3000 meters.



SCREEN: 1.22 inch Big LCD color display (Touch screen)

Solution: MTK6261A, 364MHZ

GPS: GPS MTK3337, 22 channels 

AGPS: GPRS Class12, location time 26 seconds 

LBS: L1, 1575.42MHZ C/A code

GSM,GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900

SIM card: Micro SIM card

Anti-take off alarm: Support

Calling: Support

SOS: Support

G-sensor: Support (in three axis)

Remote monitoring: Support

Battery: Lithium battery 400mAh, Standby 100 hours (Normal use last about 1-2 days)

Dimension: 124x52x11.5mm

Accessories: USB cable and user manual


Charging time: Maximum 3 hours, don't charge overnight.



  • Add up to 15 numbers to call out. (All other watches can add 10 numbers only, 10 number is for call in (white list), which cannot call out)

  • Can receive both voice and text message for both English and Chinese characters (All other watches can receive voice message only)

  • SIM card slot at side

  • Touch screen (This is the only touch screen model in Malaysia!)

  • Color screen (This is the only color screen model in Malaysia!)

  • Big screen (This is the only big screen model in Malaysia!)

This watch will auto recognize the SIM card to auto update the watch language (e.g. If you insert any Malaysia SIM card, it will auto change to English language)

This watch use WeCare APP, can be downloaded in Apple store (iPhone) and Play store (Any Android version)


Watch theme is changeable!


What's in the box:

1 x X20 GPS watch tracker

1 x English user manual

1 x Micro USB cable (for charging)

Warranty: 3 months



1. The watch display 12 hours or 24 hours time format?
- All the GPS tracker watches come with 24 hours time format in default.
- But our watches are customized 12 hours format.

2. What is the language display in the watch ?
- It will auto detect the SIM card language of the country. In Malaysia, it will be English.

3. What is the watch battery lasting hours ?
- Normal usage 1-2 days.

4. Can Iphone and Android phone support the app for watch ?
- Yes, download WeCare app from play store.

5. The watch have features on we-chat or not ?
- It is intercom, which is can send voice and text message to the watch from the app.

6. Regarding voice message and text message, is it only for watch to watch or phone to watch  ?
- It's phone to watch, and watch to phone.

7. The watch have spy monitoring call? Which can secretly dial to listen the child's surrounding without disturbing them?
- Yes, can monitoring call without disturbing child.

8. The watch have features on receive notification when watch is taken off or low battery?
- Yes. (note: some phones not supported, advise not to shutdown apps and let it run in background.)

9. The watch have features - can set to "class time" when time in school and the ringtone of watch can adjust or not?
- Yes.

10. How many phones can login at the same time?
- Unlimited. But the first account that binded with the watch have to add other number in the family contact in WeCare app.
After that, the family number need to create new account in WeCare app, then will automatically see the watch in their account.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-02 [800x600].jpg

11. What should I do if I want to change sim card of the watch?
- You need to login to admin account (the account which binded with the watch), then unbind the watch (in the app, click My Baby - Unbind),
after that, change new sim card and re-bind with the watch.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-46 [800x600].jpg

12. We have two phones, can we have different identity in the chat room (intercom)?
- Yes, this is the best features on WeCare app. Each number/account has its' own identity in the chat room.

Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-36-00 [800x600].jpg


Positioning Info:

WIFI positioning priority, if there will be WIFI, GPS will not open.

You enter the test mode, normally GPS will be connected in 50 seconds

Test mode: Do not plug the sim card (or do not bind the watch) press the button 3 times, enter the GPS test.



Why set to WIFI as priority? It is to save the battery. Color and big screen consume a lot of battery.

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